After a long and wet Western North Carolina winter we see several small, yet mighty blooms poking their head out of the muddy ground.

Each spring these flowers come back to life like clock-work and each winter they seemingly disappear altogether, but not to be forgotten.

Perennial flowers regrow each spring from the roots that they have established and provide a colorful display and a haven for bees and butterflies.

Perennial is derived from the Latin perennis, which means “lasting through the year” and over time has evolved into the modern English definition “enduring or continually occurring”.

Perennial flowers are a perfect addition to any home garden. Not only do they provide many months of beautiful color and curb appeal, but they are low maintenance and easy to care for. The main thing to keep in mind when planting perennial flowers is that they need to be kept watered. Water in the morning and when soil has dried up completely or if the leaves has begun to wilt.










Some types of perennial flowers, such as peonies, will have such a heavy bloom that they need to have support in order to flourish. There are many ways to support your plants, from stakes to specially designed hoops for the flowers that will aid in keeping them upright and looking good throughout the summer months.

Most perennial flowers can be found in dirt already growing and can be transplanted directly into the ground. Plant in early spring (March) and give the plants plenty of room in-between (about 18in) so that they will have space to read their roots and eventually fill in the entire garden!

Thanks for reading! Happy planting!