When looking for property in Asheville, NC you may want to use the property for a specific purpose, but is allowed?

  • Example #1: Thinking of opening a glass blowing or metal smithing studio in an Office/Business District (OB) in Asheville?  Think again.

There is zoning within the city that allow this type of use but OB does not. Chapter 7 Article II Section 7-2-5  defines artist studios of high impact as follows: “places for the creation and sale of artistic products (such as but not limited to metal work, stone sculpture, glass work and sculpture, fired ceramics, or woodworking) whose creation involves a substantial level of noise, vibrations, or use of heat that can be detected beyond the walls of the place.”

  • Example #2: You managed to obtain a parcel in the Neighborhood Business District (NB) for a steal and want to open up a Microbrewery? Not likely.

Chapter 7 Article II Section 7-2-5 defines a Microbrewery as: “a small facility for the brewing of beer that produces less than 15,000 barrels per year. It may often include a tasting room and retail space to sell the beer to patrons on the site.” This particular zoning district (NB) Does not allow for Microbreweries to conduct business within its constraints. Again, there are many other options as far a properties within Asheville. See this chart for more information.

  • Example #3: Your love of children has inspired you to acquire a large victorian home zoned RM-8 (residential multi-family medium density district) and turn it into a daycare. Not in a RS-8 zoning district.

Chapter 7 Article II Section 7-2-5  defines child daycare as “a facility operated by an individual, agency, or organization which provides supervision or care on a regular basis to children who are not related by blood or marriage to, and who are not the legal wards or foster children of, the supervising adult.”


The moral of the story:  ALWAYS  be aware of whether or not the property you are interested in is appropriately zoned for the use that you are intending for it.

There are things you should know about the zoning before you decide to make an offer. You can find a chart of possible land use ordinances for Asheville, NC  here