You don’t have to make a big commitment or spend a
lot of money to make your home look professionally designed!

It can be hard to have a beautifully decorated home when you are on a budget
and can’t afford to change your decor to follow ongoing trends, but there are lots
of tricks to help make your home look like it’s been touched by a professional.

1. When buying pricier items like furniture, stick to classically styled pieces in
neutral colors. Let the cheaper items, like pillows and drapes, be the colorful
trendy pieces that can be changed out as your style changes.

2. PAINT! Paint is the easiest way to make a big impact without spending a ton
of money. You can paint a room for around thirty dollars and make it look
cleaner, brighter, and put together. Cover up that ugly outdated wood paneling,
paint a ceiling a bright color, or change items you already own to match your
decor. Spray paint thrift store frames the same color to create a clean gallery
wall. The options are nearly endless.

3. Get rid of that store bought soap container on you kitchen counter! Put dish
soap and hand soap in an inexpensive olive oil dispenser or a decorative soap
pump and buy soap that matches the colors in your kitchen.

4. And since you have your soap situation taken care of, go ahead and match
your sponges to your kitchen decor as well. Kitchen sponges are a necessity and
they must be easily accessible. Most of us have them sitting right there on the sink
ledge, so they might as well look as if they belong


6. If your kitchen utensils are exposed, stock your utensils container with a few
spoons and spatulas in coordinating colors.

7. Lighting can be especially expensive. Instead of shelling out a pocket full of
cash, suspend a pendant light cord with a brightly patterned shade from the
ceiling. Not only will you enhance your space while saving a ton of money, but
you free up valuable space on table surfaces. Get creative and use found objects
like an antique cheese grater, a basket, or stained paint stirrers for the shade.

8. Utilize that awkward space above your kitchen cabinets to display rarely used
serving dishes, cake plates and decorative bowls. Keep it clean and simple by
keeping everything in the same color family or add a few pops of color for a
bolder look.

9. Butcher paper is a very inexpensive material that can be used in many different
home decor applications from wrapping gifts to setting a table. At $5.00 per roll,
you can’t go wrong.

10. Set the table! Keep your dining room table looking sharp by keeping it set,
even when its not being used. A simple centerpiece, some place mats and cloth
napkins make for a beautiful table scape.

11. Get creative and make your own coat rack to keep clutter organized.

12. Know the right way to hang drapes to make your ceilings feel taller and
windows look bigger.

13. Buying drapes can get very expensive especially if you are purchasing floor
to ceiling panels. You can customize and extend the length of your drapery
panels by adding fabric to the top, middle, or bottom.