These leafy green elephant ear plants will make your living space feel like a tropical jungle.

Majesty Palm

Easy to care for, and just as equally stunning, this breed of palm guides your eye up and creates a beautiful and inviting space.

Bird of Paradise

Reminiscent of the Golden Girls’ wallpaper, these “banana leaf” plants offer a touch of style to any room.

String of Pearls

As a low maintenance succulent, these cascading beads can be hung from the ceiling to accentuate an otherwise bare corner.

Snake Plant

Reaching up to heights of 6′ these snake like tendrils are VERY low maintenance and add an exotic touch to any cozy home.

Air Plant

Surviving without the need to be housed in soil, this breed of plant make a great addition to any window sill or bare wall. Just soak them in water every 10 days or so for 20 minutes and let air dry. Easy!


Hailing from the dry climates of the desert, these prickly sticks offer a no frills indoor home plant.


This juicy plant friend isn’t just easy on the eyes, it also has medicinal properties and can be used to soothe skin after a long dry day of winter.

Rubber Plant

Easy to care for, this waxy leaf plant can elevate any interior space with its vibrant green leaves.


Always beautiful, an orchid is a wonderful addition to any dining area or entryway.